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Mar 062015
Conservatives Fault GOP Leadership After DHS Funding Fight

This is a great article to be read by all that seek the truth. It provides clear understanding of the Republican leadership’s double-cross of the American people. I know that many of you have wondered why Obama continues to get his way in spite of the overwhelming cry of the American people for him to cease and desist his destructive actions. It is because our very own representatives in Congress, those we elected to carry out “our” wishes, those who promised to do so, have sided with our enemy. What betrayal!! So the American people today find themselves caught between two tyrannies. On the one hand we have the tyranny of a “president” who usurped the office with malice of forethought and whose intention, and the intention of those that contrived the deceitful machinations that put him into office, was to destroy the United States of America and everything that it stands for. On the other hand we have the tyranny foisted on us by insiders into the values, the foundational principles, and the free political process that has made America great but who have chosen, motivated by power, greed and corruption beyond imagination, to abandon and contravene those very values that they were raised to uphold thereby committing the most heinous treachery against their very country. The first tyranny is one that we can understand because it is foreign, external, hateful and un-American at its very root. The second is much harder to swallow because we expect so much more from those who claim to be Americans. I wonder what John Boehner’s father thinks about him now. These are the words John Boehner uttered during his acceptance speech after having been made Speaker of the House:

“I started out mopping floors, waiting tables, and tending bar at my dad’s tavern. I put myself through school working every rotten job there was and night shift I can find. And I poured my heart and soul into running a small business. And when I saw how out-of-touch Washington had become with the core values of this great nation, I put my name forward and ran for office.”

And through his actions, during his years as Speaker, he has made it much harder for hard-working Americans to live the American Dream that he lived. Yes, John Boehner and others like him in the GOP Leadership have dealt a death blow to the America that they claim to love. Their treachery is the greatest tyranny of all….

Mar 052015
Has Boehner taken left turn?

We should have taken Boehner out when we had the chance. I still can’t understand why the House conservatives were not able to get the additional three measly votes needed to unseat him as Speaker of the House and replace him with someone who is on our side and not in Obama’s pocket. Don’t we have a 52 member conservative block in the house? And yet we could not get the 29 votes needed to begin the process of ousting him. Can you believe that this quisling will now be the one who enacts Obama’s liberal and anti-American agenda by enlisting the help of Democrats who will be more than happy to give him the votes necessary to help him bring their agenda to fruition? The Speaker of the House of Representatives, the man that should represent the highest ideals of his party, sold out to the other side. What treachery…what hypocrisy… I would love to know what Obama has on this spineless traitor. Must be devastating though… Probably comparable to what Obama has on Justice Roberts. In my opinion all of these powerful guys are double-minded and corrupt so who knows what secrets are in their closets that can be exploited by someone like Obama. I can’t wait to see how Roberts, the other spineless traitor that will go down in history for his double-cross during the Obamacare Supreme Court case, will vote this time on the upcoming and critical SCOTUS case regarding the illegality of subsidies in Obamacare. I am sure that he will screw all of us again as he faithfully carries out his master’s (Obama’s) bidding.

Mar 032015
Video and transcript: Netanyahu ’s historic speech to Congress

No wonder Obama did not want Netanyahu to speak to Congress and turned to every corrupt media machine resource at his disposal and pressed every stinking partisan button to try to delegitimize the Israeli PM’s address by casting a cloud of doubt over his intentions and motivations. Obama does not want to be exposed on this upcoming action regarding his secret talks with Iran. At least not yet. He wants to keep his plan under wraps as long as possible as he did with obamacare, the executive amnesty and net neutrality because he hopes that the delay will make his actions irreversible. It is often said that truth is not afraid of the light which tells you a lot about who Obama is since most of his dealings and negotiations are done in dark, smoke-filled rooms shrouded in secrecy with unsavory characters. His actions can not bear the light of day because if they were to be revealed they would expose the evil that he is up to.

Let’s lay the facts out as they are. Obama is a Muslim and therefore he hates Jews. He will use the ones stupid enough to work with him until he no longer needs them. He has and will continue to scheme and manipulate and use his presidential power to do harm to Israel because he hates them almost as much as he hates America. After all in the Muslim mind we are two of a kind, America is the big Satan and Israel the little Satan. So both must fall if Obama’s mission is to be successful. I think he has the domestic part pretty well in hand with the weak GOP leadership that we foolishly put into power as they have, just today, caved, yet again, and funded the DHS and Obama’s illegal executive amnesty through the fiscal year. But the situation with Israel is another story and as long as they have this Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, they will not lie down; they will not go quietly….

Feb 262015
Obama Putsch: Without authorization by Congress, FCC approves Net Neutrality rules For 'Open Internet'

The FCC is just another organization whose power, like the IRS, EPA, ATF and others, has been usurped by the Obama administration through a process of politization that ignores the wishes of the American people and internet consumers in favor of political agendas, restriction of freedoms and ultimately tyrannical control of one of the most powerful forces for freedom ever created. The free exchange of ideas and the ability of every individual to participate unfettered in the world marketplace is a powerful force and its purest embodiment is the internet. This is why Obama must control it. He must squash it and bring it into submission and he must silence the voices that speak against him. This governmental control of the internet, euphemistically referred to as net neutrality, if not resisted and destroyed, will allow Obama, and his liberal-progressive followers, to, among other things, finally restrict conservative talk radio, a medium that has been a thorn in the Democrat’s side since its inception. With this power Obama will be able to selectively silence voices of freedom through the use of fines, licensing and the establishment of “fairness” rules that will effectively destroy this powerful medium for presenting the truth. He will then be able to backfill and slant every discussion to his advantage. The free exchange of ideas will die, choked by net neutrality regulations bent on silencing the voices of American patriots that fight in the Public Square every hour of every day upholding the American ideals that we hold so dear. This is what Hugo Chavez did in Venezuela and we know how much Obama loved that communist tyrant. So what’s next? Maybe Obama will dispense with our term limit for presidents and decide to stay around for another term? I would not put it past him….

Feb 262015
Obama to ban bullets by executive action, threatens top-selling AR-15 rifle

I warned you about this. With only two years left to achieve his mission the communist Muslim in the White House is turning the heat up on his pet projects. Another executive action in the works that will rock this nation to its very foundation. It will strip us of our Constitutional and God-given right to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government and finally reduce us to the “sheeple” that Obama wants us to be. As Obama sees our spineless newly elected Republican Congress ready to fold on two major issues they promised to overturn, obamacare and executive amnesty, he is emboldened, as ISIS is emboldened by America’s inaction, to move more boldly ahead with the most egregious of his measures to bring down and eventually enslave America. So this is not surprising and, like all of you, I am curious to see how our American patriots will react to this unparalleled unconstitutional executive action.

Feb 232015
Articles: Was Giuliani the First to Use The F Word (as in 'Frank')?

Kudos to Rudy Giuliani who is not afraid to tell the truth about Obama and the direction that he is taking this country in. Rudy has been the first public figure of his stature to say out loud what the vast majority of the American people know to be true regarding the usurper in the White House. And for his statements he is being vilified by The Left, as expected, but also by the moderate Right including Fox News and other, so-called fair and balanced organizations. I think that his words confirm what we are all thinking and he has made a case on the national stage and finally legitimized the opinions and concerns of the American people. No wonder The Left and the mainstream media are up in arms about this. The last thing they need, and something that they have worked hard to hide, are compromising facts regarding Obama’s background, his friends and major role models. The information has been out there for a long time but we know how hard the media and The Left have worked to subvert and delegitimize it. All of you who read this blog know the facts but there are many out there who are clueless even though they know that there is something very wrong with Obama.

I don’t know about you but I was raised to judge a man by his actions and not his words. Take a look at what Obama has done to date and you will find that 95% of it is designed to hurt America and to bring on that “transformation” that he so desires and has spoken about with lies and misdirection to paint it as a positive thing. But the facts are clear and that transformation of America is designed to destroy America and rebuild it into his communist image. Thank you Rudy Giuliani for exposing this fake, Barack Hussein Obama, our first (and hopefully our last) Muslim president, for what he really is — a man who hates America and whose mission is to destroy it.

Feb 222015
The Bible Isn’t a Self-Help Book, Despite What Your Megachurch Pastor Might Tell You

This kind of thing is happening all around us as the satanic influence of cultural worship begins to supersede our Christian values. Right now it seems clear that the battle is being lost by the Christian Church and the reasons are clear. The propaganda campaign brought into our schools by progressives, the radical left and communists in the sixties, when the Bible was removed from the schools, and the false ideology of  “separation of church and state” was foisted on this country have taken a huge toll on our Christian values. Everywhere you look Satan seems to be winning and the pillars of the Judeo-Christian ethic that supported this country since its founding are decaying and crumbling under the unceasing attack from all sides.

Termites are small, peaceful creatures but if allowed to survive and to continue to gnaw away at the wooden foundations they will surely bring down even the mightiest edifice. So it has been with the United States of America as it now is crumbling, eaten from within by evil that has attacked its foundation. We, every Christian among us, has allowed this evil to survive. We are responsible collectively for the devastation because as surely as termites need to gnaw wood to live so does evil need to destroy, lie and pervert, to survive. It is in the nature of both to do what they must do. But we Christians, we have no such excuse because we have not done what we were called to do and that was to live the life that Christ modeled for us, the one he died for. It was our responsibility to guard our hearts and the hearts of those we loved and to raise them up in the way of the Lord so that evil could not find a foothold. We needed to be vigilant and wise as serpents and we should have stopped what happened in our schools in the 60s. We should have exterminated that evil like we exterminate termites that attack our home. But we did not!

Feb 202015
Obama Speech at CVE Summit: Islamophobia fuels jihad

OK folks let’s be real and translate the garbage found in Obama’s speech at the Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Summit. First of all let’s expose this “summit” for what it really was. This was just a propaganda effort, by Obama and his Muslim Brotherhood buddies to further the Muslim agenda by bolstering Islam and Muslims and by legitimizing their terrorist actions (more on this below). Notice that it comes in the heels of the recent meeting at the White House with leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood. I am sure that you heard about it and about the fact that Obama refused to provide a list of the Muslim attendees. I am sure that one of the objectives of that meeting was to structure this sham, the CVE Summit, so as to shine the best light on the Islamist cause. But to get down to what Obama actually said. You know, his real message.

First he said….

1. that we have to be more accepting of Muslim immigration…. in preparation for his ongoing plans to flood this country with Muslims
2. then he said that the US will continue to fail in its efforts to stop terrorist organizations as we have failed in Yemen and Somalia
3. next he began so legitimize the lie, perpetrated by himself and others like him, that the West and America are not at war with Islam… as if anyone has ever said that that we are. He puts it out there as if it is an ugly lie perpetrated by someone else when in reality it is he who is perpetrating it (classic Communist playbook stuff)
4. he spoke of the “ghost coalition” of 60 nations that are working to degrade and ultimately destroy ISIL although in reality he and his Arab coalition are doing the least that they can so as to allow ISIS (sorry but I prefer ISIS over ISIL) to continue to grow
5. he announced that his envoy to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Rashad Hussain, a man with terrorist connections, was to be his coordinator of the new “counterterrorism communications” organization (yeah that is a winner if I do say so – Can you say fox guarding the chicken coup?)
6. again he denounced the idea that Islam has anything to do with the Islamic State and other such groups who regularly quote their Qu’ran to justify their actions. He called them warped ideologies…..
7. he then launched into his “grievances” speech in which, in order to absolve Islam of any responsibility, he legitimized the barbarous actions of his Muslim terrorist friends by assigning external causes that have led to those effects. Yes, these poor terrorists who are killing, raping, torturing, maming and conducting various forms of genocide have genuine reasons for their actions. They are down-trodden, disenfranchised, poverty stricken, jobless, shunned by society and the West and so their actions are understandable. Therefore we, America, must get ready to pour more money into Muslim nations so that we can do our part to bring them out of their misery. There must be some reparations so they can be made whole again….and he announced a new affirmative action for American Muslim youth
8. he also announced an effort to improve the education of “girls” and provide more opportunities for women in these under-privileged Muslim countries and made it clear that towards this effort the wealthier nations (that’s us) must do more
9. oh and let’s not forget the other “grievances” the political ones because when human rights are violated terrorism erupts. So somehow we are responsible for some form of human rights violations in Muslim countries that again legitimize their terrorist behavior
10. he reminded us that we, and other Europeans, are creating an environment of mistrust of people of other faiths or immigrants (Muslims) which “feeds into the terrorist narrative”. So again we are responsible for what ISIS and similar groups are doing around the world after all they feel slighted by us.
11. again he reminded us that in the US Muslim communities are still small and that he is planning to change that and put Muslims on a more equal footing (through his plans to flood the country with Muslim immigrants)
12. he also reminded us that “Christian pastors and priests in Nigeria and the Central African Republic” must “put an end to the cycle of hate”. Yes it is vitally important that they stop decapitating the poor, peaceful and loving Muslim inhabitants who are just trying to live their lives.
13. He finished with some ridiculously over the top examples of Muslims saving Christians and Jews and held them up as exemplary behavior when in reality they represent an infinitesimally small percentage of interactions between those religious groups in today’s world.


The one thing that was sure about this Summit is that Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood will use it to further their cause and the rest was an attempt to, as they say, put “lipstick on a pig”.

Feb 162015
Obama amnesty creates loophole for illegal immigrants to register, vote in elections

When we complained that Obama’s illegal executive amnesty (or any type of amnesty for that matter) would lead to potential abuses by the Obama administration and the liberal-progressive establishment we were told to sit down and shut up. When some of us said that amnesty would lead to the ushering in of a new electorate and an electoral boon for the Democrat party we were told that these amnestied illegals could not vote, because they needed to be citizens to vote, and again we were told to sit down and shut up. Well here it is folks. We were right AGAIN!! In this country were we take so much for granted, regarding the goodness of people, that only a driver’s license is required to vote we once again are going to be taken advantage of by those evil forces that we continue to give a pass to. When are we, the American people, going to wake up to the evil that has taken over the White House and so many of our vital institutions? Not only are these illegal aliens going to be voting at the next presidential election if this amnesty process is allowed to continue to move forward, but it has also been revealed that these same illegal aliens, with their newly minted social security cards, will be able to file for back tax refunds amounting to thousands of our tax payer dollars going into their pockets. So we are not only giving them our jobs but giving them our tax dollars to get them settled into their new illegal venture. So in one fell swoop Obama is effecting a massive redistribution of wealth and assuring the Democrat Party a new electorate that could amount to millions of new votes for their party.

Feb 162015
Geert Wilders to Keynote AFDI Muhammad Art Exhibit and Contest in Texas

Now this is a show I would love to attend. Kudos to Pamela Geller for her strength and willingness to stand when so many cower under the threats of the Islamist hordes. If only someone in the American mainstream media had some of her guts we could begin to stem the tide of ignorance and fear that has swept our nation as our first Muslim president, Barack Hussein Obama, and his minions pervert the truth about the Islamic threat to our lives, our culture and our nation. God bless her and Geert Wilders for their unceasing efforts to open the eyes of the world.

Feb 122015
Jordanian columnist: The Islamic State “did not invent a new Islam”

Here is another rare action from a Muslim recognizing that they have a problem and that Islam is at its root. So while, on the one hand, it is great to see some Muslims waking up to reality, these events are, unfortunately, very few and far between. Not only are they extremely rare but within them there is still the contention that the basic tenets of the religion are sound and that somehow they have been perverted, or misinterpreted, or hijacked, by some group or another. There is still the assertion that all is well in the scriptures themselves. When you look at the Christian reformation and what brought it about it was just such a thing. The Roman Catholic church had long since strayed from the scriptures and, in their thirst for power and world domination, had become perverted and homocentric using only the portions of the scriptures that they could manipulate to further their perverse agenda. Once a serious and faithful Christian, Martin Luther, revealed that indeed the scriptures did not support the actions of the Catholic church, true Christianity was reborn. The only way that kind of reformation can take place in Islam would be to determine that the scriptures are being misinterpreted or somehow being used out of context. Unfortunately I believe, as described in this post, that the Islamic reformation has already taken place and that what Islamic State, i.e ISIS, believes is what has resulted from this reformation. In other words it was a lack of understanding of the scriptures that has led to the so-called moderate Muslims, those who are not fully following the scriptures. This is the opposite of what one might want. The reality is that, as more Muslims decide to commit fully to following their faith, there will be more of what Mr Nabulsi sees, finally, as the problem.

Feb 122015
Florida: Another public school forcing kids to learn/recite Islamic prayer, make Islamic prayer rugs

What a surprise that the pro-Islamic liberals that run the public education system in Florida would try all of these forms of deception to indoctrinate unsuspecting (skulls full of mush) high school teens in the ways of Islam. Oh yes they will use any means necessary to see if something sticks including Islamic prayer in the schools. After all ISIS is calling for more fighters and what a great crop they will reap if this is allowed to continue. Notice all the deception. First they forget to print the 100 pages that would have covered Christianity and Judaism. How convenient to blame the publishers but still continue to use the text book in its Islam-sided form. Then they claim to have taught the Christian and Jewish principles in earlier years which is not true since they are quick to throw “Separation of Church and State” in our faces (which of course does not apply to Islamic prayer in the public schools). Even if they had taught them they would, obviously, have a completely different impact/ effect due to the child’s stage of mental and social development. Then they claim to be teaching World History. Mostly what they do there, at the public schools in Florida, is propagandize about all of the left’s, and progressive’s, pet projects from racism, to global warming to shariah law and Islam. Perpetrating lies to the most innocent among us is their agenda. It is not surprising that the investigation turned up nothing because that apple tree is rotten down to the very roots. This teacher Blasewitz reminds me of George Soros. A guy who would collaborate with the Nazis against his very own people. So parents need to stay vigilant just like Mr Wagner and stay involved in what your kids are learning because evil is around every corner.

Feb 052015
Articles: Obama's Defense of Islam Burned Along with the Jordanian Pilot

As Obama continues to defend Islam (in its purest form) in spite of the overwhelming, and exponentially growing, evidence that it is one of the world’s greatest problems he is finding it harder and harder to not call it what it is. Nonetheless, he continues to make excuses for the actions of those barbarians who follow the religion in its literal sense. Such is the organization known as ISIS who are led by a man, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who has studied the religion extensively and is building the caliphate according to the teachings of their prophet, Muhammad. Most Muslims do not read their Koran and, in fact, are discouraged from reading it in a similar fashion to how the Catholic Church prevented Christians from reading the Bible prior to the reformation, a practice that they continue to promote today within the Roman Catholic Church. Because of this, most, so-called, moderate Muslims are time bombs waiting to explode. Waiting for the day when they are finally introduced to what their holy book and their prophet have to say. This is the process that we refer to as “radicalization” when Muslims who are not aware of what they are supposed to believe in and are introduced to it, lighting their zeal and causing them to turn to jihad.

Feb 052015
Still More of President Obama's Moral Equivalence

You know I expect this kind of thing from this raging Muslim ideologue, Barack Hussein Obama, so I am not surprised that he actually said what he said. I am however shocked at the people who invited him to this National Day of Prayer Breakfast. Don’t they know who he is? He doesn’t belong there just like he doesn’t belong in the White House. Imagine the nerve to compare Christianity with Islam. Clearly he knows nothing about Christianity, as we have long suspected, and as far as Islam is concerned it is quite alright for a Muslim to lie to, and make believe that he cares about, the infidels he lives among as long as he is outnumbered. His true feelings and intentions will only come out once he has the upper hand having duped all those who called him friend, but whom he knew only as infidels. The Qu’ran permits and encourages this behavior and it is called Al-taqiyya.

But while he waits and plays this lying game our first Muslim president couldn’t help but take a couple of shots at Christians trying to draw some sort of moral equivalence between the acts of devout Muslims who are killing, torturing and maming their way across the Middle-East and Africa today with what some Christians did, under the auspices of the Roman Catholic Church, six-hundred plus years ago during The Inquisition. Does Mr Obama not recognize the fact that at least those Christians advanced beyond their barbarism? What does that say about the retrograde Muslim society of today? I also noticed that Obama threw out words that are very similar to ones you hear from ISIS when he referred to the Crusades. Not only does that go back a thousand years, yet the Islamist of today act as if it happened yesterday, but it was a war and whatever atrocities were committed took place with similar barbarity on both sides. The moral equivalence just does not exist Barry no matter how you try to force it.

Finally I also noticed that when Obama was talking about ISIS he referred to them highjacking “our religion”. How much clearer can it be when he himself admits that Islam is his religion!

Feb 032015
Columbine Survivor-Turned-Lawmaker Pushes to Arm Teachers

Yes this bill’s chances of passing in Colorado, home of the Columbine massacre, are slim… especially considering the way that the state of Colorado has been taken over by the left using the “Colorado Model” tactic. The basic idea that “gun free zones”, an invention of the progressive, liberal nut-jobs running a muck in our educational system, are a magnet to criminals who want to kill seems to continue to escape these morons even after numerous school shootings that clearly could have been prevented if there had been guns in the hands of responsible citizens to provide some form of defense for those children. This begs the question; what is the real agenda behind the these “gun free zones”? Are they there just to create these events so a larger agenda can be achieved? Certainly this is plausible in light of all we have already seen the left do to disarm this country. After all what are a few dead kids to these ideologues when an entire nation’s subjugation hangs in the balance.

Jan 302015
Open Jihad Declared in Egypt Following State Dept. Meeting with Muslim Brotherhood-Aligned Leaders

When Barack Hussein Obama was elected president, in one of the greatest mistakes ever made by the American electorate, the first thing he did was head to the Middle East and kick off his “American Apology Tour” where he blamed America for the way it had acted in the past toward the Muslim people. Why do you think he did that? The fact is he had a mission determined by his handlers, those who put him in the White House, to lift up the Muslim people while simultaneously bringing America down. This was his mission from day one and no sooner did he leave the area, after stirring up sentiments against America, than the so called “Arab Spring” kicked-off with demonstrations, killing, terrorism and bloodshed which engulfed the region. This was, of course, by design and Obama already had in place a group that would come in and fill the power-void that was going to be created by the falling governments who favored America and the West. That group was the Muslim Brotherhood with whom he is still doing business today. Those governments that had good relations with the West began to be toppled as happened in Egypt, Lybia, and Syria. Syria is still holding on but will eventually fall and Egypt and Lybia’s pro-West governments fell and the Muslim Brotherhood moved in. With the support of Obama, Mohamed Morsi, a high-ranking official in the Muslim Brotherhood, was “elected”, if you can call it that, in Egypt. Once the Egyptian people got a taste of the Muslim Brotherhood ‘s Shariah based government and were able to see how they had been duped they turned on Morsi and to this day they are working hard to destroy what is left of the Muslim Brotherhood.

As far as Obama and his handlers are concerned this is not over and they have continued on their mission to transform not only America but the Middle-East. Obama will continue to work as an ally of the Muslim Brotherhood whom he has supported with weapons and aid. As for America Obama continues to transform us in numerous ways as he converts NASA into a Muslim outreach organization, refuses to wage the “war on terror” that needs to be waged, coddles and protects Muslim terrorists even after they commit heinous crimes in this country, supports Shariah law in our courts, drops barriers to immigration of Muslims into the US and invites them in, prevents prosecution of terror-linked Muslim organizations through his buddy Holder the attorney general, prevents the destruction of ISIS by waging a weak and ineffective “war” against them, and has filled the White House with terror-linked Muslim advisors (see the featured photo) that continue to gnaw at the core of our system to bring a downfall from within. So it is not surprising that with two years left in office he will be speeding up those efforts to bring about the destruction of the “land of the free and the home of the brave”, the country that real Americans love.

Jan 262015
Report: ISIS Nearly Expelled from Kobani

Just an update for those of you who have been following this story. Good news in the battle against ISIS but not such great news for Obama and his long range pro-Islam plans. The Kurds in Kobani have nearly pushed the ISIS invaders out of their city in a pitched battle that has already taken five months of fierce warfare. This is a serious blow to ISIS from a public relations and recruitment efforts perspective because it has been proven that they are no longer invincible. The Kurds demonstrated the grit and dedication that their fighters have become well known for. Qualities that we seem to have lost in great part due to the demoralizing efforts of the left for so many decades. Even in spite of Obama’s betrayal of the Kurds (he never did provide the weaponry that they were promised and he pitched a defeatist PR campaign against them) and the anti-Kurdish actions of their nemesis, Turkey, they fought for their land and would not give up against superior forces. Yes ultimately the pressure on Obama to provide some limited air support was overwhelming and bombing by American aircraft finally began after weeks of the whole world clamoring for him to help the Kurds. Even the weapons that were dropped into Kobani were not American arms but came from other groups willing to support the Kurdish effort. So all in all good news. I though that we all deserved a little bit of this.


Jan 232015
Republicans surrender to infanticide

If there is anything that could put this country into the captivity that it deserves is the rampant infanticide that the United States of America has embraced as one of its sacred cows. Abortion!  The shedding of the innocent blood of unborn babies, i.e. infanticide. The Bible is crystal clear on the shedding of innocent blood. In Proverbs 6:16-19 Solomon writes “There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers.”  And while there is plenty of blame to go around, the seat of power, Washington, D.C. is the place where this evil practice was enthroned into our culture and where it is maintained by perverse and ungodly laws.

Now we, the people, have elected a new set of lawmakers and control of the Congress is once again in the hands of the party that is supposed to stand for the Christian values that this nation was founded upon. That is the Republican Party. So what do they do? They turn against the very people who put them in power and the God-given Christian values that they claim to represent and allow the monster in the Oval Office to continue to promote and protect these abominable practices. For these actions they must take responsibility and they will be judged harshly for it when the time comes. It is true that not only have the two houses of Congress become irrelevant but, indeed, they have become complicit in the evil rotting this nation.


Jan 202015
Koch Brothers' Group Courts Cruz, Rubio, Paul and Walker at Donors' Meeting

I really like the sound of that because I can see by their choices that the Koch brothers have their act together with respect to who should be the real Republican presidential hopefuls for 2016. At least they got three out of four right. I’m sorry but I have not gotten over how Rubio back-stabbed his conservative supporters, including me, when he worked with the likes of Chucky Schumer on immigration reform. Some people say he was naive, I tend to believe he knew what he was doing but it exploded in his face and now he is backpedaling. Funny how he was supporting positions that he himself once labeled “amnesty”.

Anyway getting back to it, this is an opportunity for Ted Cruz and Rand Paul (I think they would make a great conservative ticket for the 2016 presidential elections) to get in front of conservative donors who can help them overcome the clear funding advantage that GOP establishment types like Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney and Chris Christie will have over most truly conservative candidates.