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For some time we’ve been looking out over the sea that is the internet and marveled at how it can be an unparalleled place of learning, of exchange of ideas and of free expression.  We have also been impressed with how it can influence in so many ways.  But as time has passed we have seen so many changes.  We have seen pressures brought to bear on American values that threaten to bring us to our knees and a great deal of that pressure has been brought about through this media.  Many have folded and abandoned what they stood for.  Many have gone soft on the ideals that spawned them as they allowed “political correctness” to stifle and control them.  We have great admiration for those who pioneered this, the internet, as a medium for conservative ideals.  Many remain and we salute them.


Within this medium we have also seen territories being carved out and turfs battled over for control.  We are not interested in any of that.  Our mission and objective is to expose the truth in every way possible.  We will use every means available to post the truth within these pages because we answer only to God.  We believe in letting our “yes be yes and our no be no”.  Political correctness will not stifle this voice for it is the voice of freedom as stated in the first amendment to the American Constitution, a document created by God fearing men for God fearing men in a Christian nation.


Our objective here will be to post news and commentary based on what is true and right in an effort to battle the huge cacophony of voices that seek to mislead, muddle and outright lie to promote what is false and wrong.  One may ask who are we to say what is right and what is wrong.  As stated previously we answer to God, and Him alone, and we will use His word to divide right from wrong and true from false.


Above all, this place will be a place for exchanging of ideas and all fruitful discussions (see our COMMENT POLICY) are encouraged.  All we ask is that we respect each other in those exchanges for only when we consider others greater than ourselves can we prosper.


At any time please feel free to submit feedback, questions and suggestions

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