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Nov 192014
A White House Mass Pardon for Identity Thieves

As Obama prepares to grant a mass pardon to millions of illegal aliens in this country, an action that even Obama himself knows to be unconstitutional and which the majority of the American public does not want (in spite of what you might hear in the media), I have to ask myself yet again….“Why is anyone surprised?” Has he not previously flaunted his total disregard for this country, its laws, its workers and citizens? Is this not another effort to damage America through the influx of more dependents for our already overburdened economic system while simultaneously introducing more agents of crime, further diluting our culture and values and potentially packing the voter rolls with a new Democrat voting block? He turned our country upside down earlier this year with the contrived mass influx of minor illegals so he could later use that as an excuse to justify bringing their families in. He previously granted executive amnesty to 1.7 million illegal minors through the DACA program in 2012. So to me this is all business as usual for our first Muslim president.

What I really don’t understand is what is holding the GOP back from turning off all appropriation funding to all of Obama’s immigration programs. It takes money to make these things happen and what republicans need to insist is that no funding of any kind be approved to make these things happen. Republicans need to stop being afraid of the whole “shutdown the government” crap (please listen carefully Boehner… you loser!!) and get working on controlling the purse. We, conservatives and republicans, have the most powerful media agents out there, conservative radio and, to a lesser extent, Fox News, on our side so the GOP should be getting the message out through every one of those outlets that it will be the president shutting down the government if he attempts to divert any funding not specifically authorized for immigration programs into those programs at the expense of any other government function. Come on GOP…. grow a backbone already!!

Nov 172014
Obama Economy Leaves People Hungry

So much for the Obama economy that still today, after six years of blaming Bush, has achieved a true unemployment rate of  11.5%, has one out of every five Americans on food stamps, has caused many employees to lose their forty-hour work week and so are underemployed and under paid, has managed to stagnate the American wage and, in general, has created an economic environment rivaling the “misery index” era of Jimmy Carter. And he has managed this while still spending more money than any previous president and creating nearly 8 trillion dollars of additional national debt. But don’t be too quick to call him a failure…. This was his plan all along so, frankly, he has been a resounding success. It’s too bad that all of his intentions have been of a negative variety as far as America is concerned. Obama has made it so that we now have a burgeoning “underemployed” class that has grown tremendously under his destructive economic policies. Today they find themselves competing for food in food banks that use to only serve the poverty stricken and unemployed. Yes… so much for the Obama economy!

Nov 172014
Immigration: Obama set to do what he said in 2006 would hurt American blue collar workers

Once again I have to say “Why are we surprised?” The man in the White House has already demonstrated, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he has no values, and no integrity. At least none that we Americans can relate to. He is a communist, Muslim with the values appropriate to them. So lying, changing his position as the politics suit him, and back-dooring the American public are all a consequence of his ideology which is rooted in America’s destruction, first and foremost. When he appeared to make sense back in 2006, prior to being elected president, he needed to get into office and so all his lies were driven by that need. He appealed to American values in order to fool some of the people. Once he gained the power of the presidency only the destruction of America guided his actions and, being the ideologue that he is, values and integrity are meaningless to him. Only his objectives mattered and not the means by which they are achieved. Taking a diametrically opposed position on immigration, from the one he had before he was elected, is just par for the course.

Nov 142014
Cashier tells mom she should have aborted her Down syndrome son, mom’s response is legendary

This is what happens when one is Godless like this cashier obviously is. Thank you God that we still have you and that we still can see your handiwork in this beautiful Down syndrome baby. Bless little Gabe. May he never know people like this cashier and may his life be blessed always.

Nov 122014
Rebutting the President on Net Neutrality

As I have said before, in order to determine what Obama will do next on any particular issue all you have to do is determine what would be the most damaging thing he could do to this country, its people (particularly the middle-class) and small business and whatever you come up with is what Obama will be doing. His objective has always been to destroy those entities because he knows that through their destruction he will destroy this country. This is the way its going to be for the remaining two years of Obama’s presidency and unless the GOP establishment uses it new found majorities to block these actions by this usurper and hater of all things American, he will succeed in destroying us. Unfortunately I don’t see any backbone in the current GOP, especially under the leadership of linguini-spined congressional chamber leaders, Boehner and McConnell. So net neutrality, an objective of liberals and progressives for a number of years, may become a reality within the next two years effectively changing the internet from an entrepreneur’s paradise and a place of unparalleled freedom to another repressive government controlled utility. At that point say farewell to the free exchange of ideas which is the hallmark of the internet and welcome the arrival of George Orwell’s Amerika.

Nov 112014
Syria Kurds 'recapture' areas of Kobani from ISIS

It looks like the Kurds in Kobani are starting to make headway in their effort to kick the ISIS invaders out of their town. This would be a crushing defeat for ISIS, which would seriously harm their worldwide recruitment efforts for foreign fighters, so I don’t believe they will be giving up anytime soon. Air strikes by American fighter jets and bombers have helped to slow the ISIS advance in days past although I believe that it has been the arrival of Iraqi Kurds known as Peshmerga and their heavy weapons that seems to be turning the tide. After massive international pressure the Turkish government finally allowed the Peshmerga to join the fight by entering through Turkish territory to join their ethnic brothers in Kobani. Still the defenders of the city are at a disadvantage with limited forces and dwindling supplies and someone has to step up with weapons, ammunition and medical supplies if they are to succeed.

I still don’t understand why Obama has not made the Kurds their main “boots on the ground” in this fight against ISIS. They seem to be the only effective force to stop the barbarous ISIS advance. In my mind this is the very reason why Obama has not brought them into the coalition and properly armed them. They are a fighting force that can actually hurt ISIS and I don’t think that Obama really wants this. Fortunately, although a lot of what is going on in the fight against ISIS seems to have slipped out of Obama’s grasp due to the huge media focus and worldwide publicity. His non-existent strategy has come under international attack and he will find it harder and harder to protect ISIS without being exposed for what he really is.

Nov 072014
Articles: We Won: Now We Must Hold Their Feet to the Fire

If we don’t listen to Lloyd Marcus and hold their feet to the fire we will be back in similar straits, with some other despotic government’s boot on our necks, before we know it. Progressive boots, whether Democrat or Republican, will crush America, and what it is founded on, as surely as ISIS will. If we let them! The Tea Party movement has done a great service to this country by returning to many of us that clear vision that was the American ideal. They have brought us back to the realization that much has been lost and they have put up a great fight in an effort to regain it. Their efforts have not been in vain and they have rekindled, in many of us, that common sense patriotism that has been the hallmark of “real Americans” throughout our history. I say real Americans because we have been invaded by alien values, alien religions and alien people. It has been a slow process and much ground has been lost. It is almost unbelievable that as a Christian Nation we have had the Bible ripped from our schools, courts and government institutions. If we aren’t careful it will also be ripped from our homes. It is also a sign of how lost and blind we, as a nation, have become that we would elect an alien who does not belong here to the highest office in the land. A usurper who has alien ideals, values, morals and religious beliefs.

The Tea Party has crystallized for many of us what our true values are. It has reminded us that those values are based on the Holy Book, the Word of God, and that this was by design because our Founding Fathers were believers who were inspired by it. Because of this truth we can see where our rights come from. That they are God given and that no government or individual can take them from us. That we are all equal in His eyes and that we all have the same opportunity to pursue our happiness. We must not forget who we are no matter how hard the media, the culture and the invading alien hordes try to make us. And we must be very wary of even those who claim to be on our side like the GOP establishment. So let’s hold their feet to the fire and make sure that they do what real Americans would do.

Nov 072014
Record High Number Of Americans Say Guns Make Homes Safer

What a shocker! Put another nail in the coffin of Obama’s attempt to take away our guns. But don’t get too comfortable…He still has two years to create chaos and impose Marshall Law. There are still a number of ways that he could bring this about and with the militarized police force that he has created which, nowadays, reports to Department of Homeland Security he could still try to bring it about. Keep your eyes and ears open and stay alert. It’s not over ’til its over!

Nov 052014
Articles: Obama: 'Don't think we're not keeping score, brother'

When I heard Obama say that it was his policies that where on the ballot during the midterm election I knew he was doing that out of spite. He has shown himself to be such a small man (by every measure of a man) and I could see that the overwhelming consensus, among Democrats running in the midterm elections, to have him stay away from their campaigns, would get under his very thin skin. I knew that it would bother him to no end to be left out in the cold. To not be able to claim any contribution or bask in any limelight. To be persona non grata among all of his typically subservient party hacks. Now the shoe was on the other foot and they were fighting for their lives and not just slavishly serving him as they had done for the past six years. After all the embarrassment they had endured, treated like slaves by him and Reid for so long, now they had had enough. He must have been in a rage, taking names and keeping score, and it was in that unbalanced state that he sent a message to Fox News in the middle of the election coverage to announce an upcoming meeting with both parties and both houses of Congress later this week. He had to make the announcement at that moment to convince himself that he still mattered. To grab just a little limelight and to prove that he still had some juice. (It’s sad, really, that the American people could have ever elected such a petty human being to lead our great nation.) So he made sure that going into the elections they were screwed and many of them paid the price. Does he care? Does he need them? He doesn’t think so! He is planning to bring in a whole new electorate through amnesty.

Nov 042014
Articles: Celebrating Six Years of Broken Promises

Obama reminds me of an agitator who has very little to offer in terms of real value and must resort to fomenting hatred, racial strife and discord to achieve his nefarious goals. He was never the “great uniter” because he is incapable of it, both in terms of his intelligence, or lack thereof, or his ideology. His only tool, one that he attained through years of “community organizing” in Chicago, is one of destruction. He knows how to pit people against people based on their biases, fears, prejudices and circumstances. He is good at putting faces on people’s most heart-breaking issues to foment hatred. He has made it easy for people to blame each other for things that are not their fault. This is the unfortunate legacy that he will leave the black community, a legacy of broken promises, for he has not delivered on any of them. He leaves them more broken than they were when he found them….with greater problems to overcome and a well that he has poisoned in a way that will make recovery all the more painful. He has used the black community in a shameful way and I can only pray that they figure this out sooner than later.

Nov 042014
Video: Touch Screen Forces Voter to Choose Democrat

None of this should be a surprise. Obama and the democrats will do anything to keep their power. When one looks at the number of blatant lies that this administration has been caught in, the ease with which they twist the truth and propagandize everything to pervert the facts then it should be no surprise that they are willing to indulge in the lowest form of dishonesty by stealing your vote or voting illegally to their benefit. Just some statistics from Obama’s win in 2012 (see below) should remind us that what they did before they will be happy to do again.

* In 59 voting districts in the Philadelphia region, Obama received 100% of the votes with not even a single vote recorded for Romney. (A mathematical and statistical impossibility).

* In 21 districts in Wood County Ohio, Obama received 100% of the votes where GOP inspectors were illegally removed from their polling locations – and not one single vote was recorded for Romney. (Another statistical impossibility).

* In Wood County Ohio, 106,258 voted in a county with only 98,213 eligible voters.

* In St. Lucie County, FL, there were 175,574 registered eligible voters but 247,713 votes were cast.

* The National SEAL Museum, a polling location in St. Lucie County, FL had a 158% voter turnout.

* Palm Beach County, FL had a 141% voter turnout.

* In Ohio County, Obama won by 108% of the total number of eligible voters.

NOTE: Obama won in every state that did not require a Photo ID and lost in every state that did require a Photo ID in order to vote.

Why do you think they hate any legislation that results in one-vote per American citizen such as Voter ID?

Nov 022014
The Coming November Wars

Decent summary of coming events, Mr Buchanan, but I don’t think you have been quite hard enough on the reason for all these coming November Wars. Your last statement “the future prospect as well as the old reality” seems to imply that this is the way America has always been. Really? Are you serious? The issues we are dealing with today and the coming November Wars (as you like to describe them) that await us are not just business as usual in America. They are part of a carefully conceived diabolical plan by our first Muslim president, Barack Hussein Obama, to transform America. The question is to transform it into what. A trash heap, a communist dictatorship, a banana republic? These all fit well into the dreams of Barack Obama and he will take whichever one of these he can get as long as America is a mere shadow of its former self. Because he hates America and all that it stands for. He hates it as much as ISIS does. He is just using a different approach to destroy it. And as long as the America we know and love is destroyed and unrecognizable then his goals will have been achieved. This has been his objective all along and he sees the light at the end of the tunnel. I agree with Rush Limbaugh when he says that Obama has been wildly successful. Those who claim that he has been a failure have no idea what he was really after.

Oct 282014
Turkey's Obstruction of Kobani's Battle Against ISIS

Great article written by one of the female military leaders fighting in Kobani against the ISIS terrorists. She makes a well stated and logical plea for help for the fighters in Kobani and, as I a have done previously, points out that Turkey, a government that has aspirations similar to ISIS, in terms of wanting to regain former glories of the Ottoman Empire, is doing everything in its power to make sure that Kobani falls. Already 200,000 refugees have been displaced from Kobani due to the fighting and it is feared that those who remain in the city would be massacred if Kobani falls to ISIS. Turkey so far has prevented Kurdish fighters in Turkey from going back to Kobani to fight and has blocked any attempts for the fighters in Kobani to bring in supplies from across the Turkish border in spite of the fact that ISIS effectively has blockaded the city from three sides. Recent small arms, ammunition and medical supply drops by US aircraft were opposed by Turkey and, although they have since agreed to allow some Iraqi Peshmerga fighters (150 to 200) to join the fight for Kobani, it is clear that Turkey’s objective is to let Kobani fall. So far none of the Peshmerga have reached Kobani. Let’s see if any of them actually do.

Oct 252014
USA Today Leftist Mary Zeiss Stange: Christian Extremists “More Threatening Than Islamist Jihadists”

I wonder if Obama has called Mary Zeiss Stange recently? After all they have similar inane viewpoints. Maybe they had a little chat…. Maybe she is bucking for a job in Obama’s cabinet. After all she certainly fits the bill what with her incredible hutzpah that allows her to be able to lie in such a powerful and assertive way amidst the reality of recent Islam motivated violence. Violence committed by, guess who? Muslims! No it wasn’t Christians cutting people’s heads off or killing innocents while screaming Allahu Akbar. No, it was Muslims! Seems to be happening with amazing regularity and just after ISIS called for just such behavior from their many Muslim sympathizers in Western countries. What a coincidence!

Oct 232014
Articles: Obama: They Still Don't Get Who He is

Obama cares more for his people in Africa than he does for the Americans that he is sworn to serve and the Constitution that he pledged to protect and defend. A lot of people have already figured this out but apparently many are still not on board when you have the likes of Bill O’Reilly still giving Obama the benefit of the doubt. At least he has come around a little bit… O’Reilly I mean. I remember when Bill’s show was nothing short of an apologist platform for Obama. He defended Obama in numerous ways but I think even a duplicitous individual like O’Reilly has trouble justifying lying for Obama these days. After all Obama has shown his hand so many ways by now. He doesn’t feel that he has anything to hide. The adulation of the press and his long line of successful anti-American actions during the last six and a half years have shown him that he is untouchable and can do anything he likes. Our spineless Congress and in the tank Republicans have given Obama a free hand in the destruction of America. He knows he has nothing to fear. But we do!! Because I believe the worse and most egregious actions of our first Muslim President are yet to come. I think during his remaining time in office he will unleash massive attacks on this country and its citizenry. I think he will put Nero to shame as he sits back and watches America go up in flames set by his own hand. Who will stop him?  I hope someone does.

Oct 192014
Kurdish fighters repel fresh ′IS′ attack in Kobani

Great news that the Syrian Kurds in Kobani are having some success in spite of being outgunned and outmanned by the ISIS militants trying to take over their town. It is great to see that American fighter jets have managed to take out some of the ISIS gun emplacements as well as some ground troops and vehicles through their stepped up air campaign. I am sure that this is not from Obama so I thank whoever in the American military is giving orders to increase support to the Kurds. The problem I am having is in understanding why no one is stepping up with arms for the Kurds. All reports indicate that they are running out of ammunition and that they have repeatedly requested anti-tank weapons to deal with the superior firepower of the ISIS forces. I have already discussed why I don’t expect Obama to provide this type of support. It would go counter to his true vision of the Middle East and his hopes that a caliphate would be established there. But I can’t understand why other countries have not stepped up with support in the form of ammunition, small arms and anti-tank weapons. It seems a small price to pay for the damage that the Kurds can inflict on this evil empire and something that would clearly benefit all westerners. I have heard reports that the Germans were planning to provide weapons but nothing has come through. Could the Obama administration be short-circuiting these attempts? Also, why doesn’t Israel send weapons? This would certainly be in their best interest since a black-eye for ISIS would reduce their recruitment efforts and, after all, Israel will soon have to deal with this terrorist menace. I think it is in all our best interests to provide the necessary help to the Kurds so they can set an example of how ISIS can be defeated. Isn’t it about time that someone stops them? The U.S. under Obama will certainly not be that someone!

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