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Aug 202014
Transcript: President Obama’s remarks on the execution of journalist James Foley by Islamic State

This atrocity, by the Islamist savages that are ISIS and their followers, should not go unpunished. What additional evidence does America need to convict these creatures and the ideology that motivates them. I hope it angers all of you as it has angered me and that anger causes you to want to act. Because I can assure you that as horrible as this is these monsters are doing much worse daily to all who do not believe like they do. They follow the Qu’ran in its purest and most accurate interpretation in spite of the red herring and misdirection spewed by our first Muslim president, Barack Hussein Obama, in his address today. Notice how Obama tries to disassociate ISIS from their religion, Islam, with his words “So ISIL speaks for no religion. Their victims are overwhelmingly Muslim, and no faith teaches people to massacre innocents.”  In that quote he also attempts to mislead us into believing that their bloodlust is directed primarily against Muslims.

While it is true that they are fighting against other Muslims in Syria and Iraq it is because their holy book the Qu’ran demands that they create a world in which Islam rules above all other religions and sharia above all other laws. Anyone who stands in their way will be destroyed or brought into submission. But do not be mislead by Mr Obama, ISIS seeks to destroy primarily non-Muslims as they are called to do by Allah and his prophet Muhammad. They are the infidels and they must convert or be beheaded. When Obama says “No just god would stand for what they did yesterday and what they do every single day. ISIL has no ideology of any value to human beings.” he is right. No just god would stand for that but their god calls for precisely that in their Qu’ran which teaches that non-believers must convert or be put to the sword (Qur’an 8:12 and 47:4). This is the “religion of peace” that is followed by millions around the world and which is now going through a reformation that is taking it back to its true roots and its true meaning.

Aug 162014
EBOLA AIRBORNE? Verified Studies Show Airborne Transmission of Deadly Virus (NIH, Lancet, OSHA) …(Updated)

That is what I call scary. An incredibly lethal virus, that has so far killed 90% of those infected, that has no-cure and, which may actually be spread by airborne means, is something out of horror films. But our feckless leader, Barack Hussein Obama, in his infinite wisdom, has allowed infected individuals to enter this country. As is typical of Obama and his administration, whatever course of action makes sense and is in the best interest of the welfare of the people of America, that will be the very thing that he will not do. Instead he will try to use it, no matter how deadly, to further some political agenda, by creating an emergency that will result in bigger government and more power for him as its head. This ebola threat is real and under no circumstances should we have allowed infected individuals to bring it into our country. Just today I read that there are as many as six other people in various parts of this country that have been tested for the disease and this sent chills up my back. Ask yourself just what the CDC, another one of Obama’s government organizations, could be keeping from us. What do yo think? Leave a comment and let’s talk about it.

Aug 152014
Yazidis say Sunni Muslim neighbors enabled jihad attack, and joined in

This is the enemy ladies and gentlemen. Not the little Yazidi boy in the image above but those who want to kill him and his family because they are not Muslims. Make no mistake about it. They are evil, deadly and enjoy what they’re doing. They will only be stopped with unrelenting lethal force and without America to stand up and take charge they will continue their campaign of death with unparalleled ruthlessness. Do not be mislead by the grinning fool that is our first Muslim president Barack Hussein Obama. This is not the Iraqi people’s problem… this is our problem because they are coming after us next. And if we want to make this easy on ourselves we take them out now before they become much stronger. This is an ideological enemy who will turn on us at the first opportunity. So just like the “blue on green” attacks in Afghanistan and the betrayal of their own neighbors described in this article the message should be clear. The call to jihad is in them. They have been taught this since childhood and we should be exceedingly careful about Muslims everywhere.

Whatever happened to the America that used to help the weak and abused? Under this administration we have an America that uses the weak and the abused for political gain like they are doing with the illegal alien minors at the border. Taking an additional four billion dollars of tax payer money to pour into a manufactured crisis at home when that money could be better spent to help those who are truly suffering at the hands of evil by providing arms and assistance to the people of Iraq. No, instead we have and continue to arm ISIS by giving weapons to them in Syria which they are using to sweep across the Middle-East on their bloody jihad.

Aug 132014
Obama's Indifference to the Islamic State Nightmare

Obama has been dragging his feet on this issue of Islamic State, or ISIS, for obvious reasons. Its not that he is incompetent, even though he is. Its not that he is uninformed or surprised by any of this. Obama has the greatest intelligence apparatus in the world at his disposal. He knows exactly what is going on and has known for months what Islamic State was up to. This is just the game he plays as he allows these Islamist fanatics to do the most damage possible in their quest for the Islamic caliphate that Obama also craves. World domination by Muslims is their ultimate goal. Even their Qu’ran calls for this and specifically calls for the sword as the tool of choice in accomplishing this. This is why ISIS relishes mass executions and beheadings. They are just serious about their faith and that is what it calls for.

So Obama has “dithered” and delayed taking any action for as long as possible. Whatever action he is taking now is only borne out of necessity as the political and international pressure mounts for the US to do something.  It is out of political expediency that he acts at this time. Will he do anything effective?  Will he actually do something that hurts ISIS in a fatal way?  I don’t think so because the political pressure would have to be extraordinary for him to turn on his ideological “friends”.  What do you think? Leave me a message with your thoughts and let’s get a discussion going.

Aug 132014
Obama Regime Unilaterally Lifts Ban on Flight and Nuclear Training for Libyan Nationals

Reagan was intent on stemming the tide of terrorism which was building in the Middle-East when he bombed Libya and forced Gaddafi to reconsider his direction. The ferocity of the bombings sent an unequivocal message which was not lost on Gaddafi and resulted in a measurable and desirable change in his direction. After the bombings Gaddafi turned away from his pursuit of nuclear weapons and terrorism and became an ally of the United States.

This is what American presidents are supposed to do. Use their power to make the criminals, despots and terrorists think twice about what they are planning. What a change has been brought about by our first Muslim president, Barack Hussein Obama, who has collaborated with the worst of the worst despots around the globe and provided aid, comfort and material support to clear enemies of the American way of life and has turned his back on the oath he swore, so incompetently, to our nation and constitution.

Today you have the Obama regime helping out the rebels in Syria who are synonymous with the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS (Al Qaeda) and ignoring the devastation in Iraq (also by ISIS) in spite of many calls from the same Iraqi government that we supported when we were there. Obama calls for greater inclusiveness by the government of Iraq when what he really means is that they should allow the Muslim Brotherhood to be represented there. This is the same tactic that he used successfully in Egypt until the people got wise to him and threw the bums out. Obama doesn’t even bat an eye, or have a comment to make, regarding the atrocities being committed in Syria and Iraq by his friends including rampant beheadings and crucifixions, the persecution of Christians and slavery and abuse of captured women and girls. Yes America we have fallen a long way and now Obama is opening the door to terrorists within our borders. Read the article and see what you think. Feel free to leave a comment when you are done.

Aug 072014
Reagan official identifies problem in Afghanistan

As Bing West says in this article, about the real reasons for the all too frequent “blue on green attacks” in Afghanistan, our administration, under Obama, has refused to identify our true enemy.  They have, because of their specific ideological and political objectives, and aided by the pervasive culture of political correctness which has been so effective at silencing any that might tell the truth, hidden the fact that the real enemy in this war is Islam and the people who are faithfully following it.  Barack Hussein Obama’s reasons for this are clear, just read through other posts on this site, but why so many others in America would fall in line like useful idiots is beyond me.  This administration has demonstrated without a shadow of a doubt where their true allegiances lie and they are not with the American people or our way of life.  On the contrary Obama and his handlers have hand-picked his cadre of followers, all cut from the same America-hating cloth, to help promote the deception and change our laws, subvert our institutions and destroy our culture.

Soon we will see our military invaded by Muslims taking the place of the many majors and captains that Obama is pink-slipping to clear the way.  Already the military has been poisoned by the repeal of don’t ask don’t tell and military chaplains are being muzzled.  Already new rules about the treatment of Muslims and the Qu’ran have been flowed down to the military in a way that hamstrings any opposition that may surface within the military.  Yes Obama is tying it up very nicely and taking the American military down from within.  The idea is to give preferential treatment to Muslims while squashing Jews and Christians in every way possible.  In parallel Obama is culling any that may resist from the ranks, firing many high-ranking military officers, the military brain trust if you will, and further weakening our armed services.  Wake up America and smell the treachery in the ranks….

Aug 072014
9 Obama Foreign Policy Pronouncements That Now Look Especially Idiotic

Once again we can debate whether this is incompetence on the part of our first Muslim president or by design. If you look at the history of the world’s worst despots such as Hitler, Castro, Stalin, Chavez and so many others you will see that bold-faced lying is something that they are very adept at. From their perspective the short term goals of misleading and obfuscating the people are well worth the consequences that they will be called liars later on.  They are concerned with getting past the initial set of actions that will solidify their power and they know that what follows will be inconsequential.

This is what the Barack Hussein Obama foreign policy pronouncements have been predicated on and he has found, much to our chagrin, that there are enough morons out there to let him get away with his lies and not call him on them. In this way he has been very successful in pushing through his evil and destructive agenda.  So, at least for me, the debate is over and Obama lies by design.  He is a master of the cover-up and very good at manipulating those who allow themselves to be manipulated.  It is hard to believe that today we have someone running our country, the United States of America, who can be compared with those despots previously mentioned and be on equal footing with them.  The only thing missing is the final military takeover and he still has a couple of years left to bring that about.

Aug 062014
More military commanders get pink slips from Obama, many while still in an active war zone

What will it take for people to wake up?  Can’t we see the evil in Obama’s actions?  Flood the country with illegal immigrants and fleece the American public of hard earned tax dollars to feed them, clothe them and deposit them throughout our country so they can continue to be a drain on our already weak and struggling economy.  At the same time, and while the world is aflame with multiple dangerous international conflicts, many of them sparked by the weakness and inaction of our first Muslim president, we fire our military commanders and send them home to potentially further burden our economy and weaken our military fronts to boot. This is what Obama is good at!! He is good at destroying this country and every action that he takes is designed to hurt us.  If you want to predict what Obama is going to do concerning any particular situation you just have to ask yourself, What would most damage the country and affect our values and way of life?  After you identify that course of action then you know what Obama is going to do!  Elections have consequences America.  So let’s make sure we get it right next time!!  Take a look at this article to get some idea about what additional evil Obama has in store….

Aug 052014
Articles: CAIR, ANSWER, Hamas and Terrorism

CAIR is your typical Muslim PR front whose entire reason for existing is to misdirect the unsuspecting, obfuscate the real nature of Islam and operate within the American legal system to intimidate those that might ring the alarm against this evil threat already within our borders.  They understand our system and know how to use it against us just like the communist founded ACLU has done so successfully for many years.  But the truth about CAIR is not hidden from those that have their eyes open and many of their hypocritical positions have been exposed.  Unfortunately they have the support of the Obama administration and as such their power will continue to grow until the current regime in no longer in power.  These people are just following the teachings of their prophet Mohammad for whom lying and subterfuge were central values to be adopted when surrounded by “the enemy”.  And believe me that they know we are their enemy because what they stand for is anathema to the American ideal and our way of life.  So they will continue to work within the system to subvert it and desensitize Americans to the truth of Islam and jihad and pass themselves off as Americans until someone takes action to unmask them.  Maybe that should be you?

Jul 302014
The case for Obama’s impeachment: The Constitution’s remedy for a lawless, imperial president

I wanted to post this, although it was a few days old, because today, once again, our Republican leadership has let us down. Once again our back-stabbing Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has lived up to his reputation as a spineless turncoat and, in a familiar turn of events, flatly denied any plans, thoughts or desire to impeachment for our imperial president. How can a man be so blind? Is he unable to see the undeniable truth of the number of impeachable offenses already committed by Barack Obama, or is he so sold out that he is just a shill for the White House and their agenda? Sarah Palin’s call for impeachment is an excellent summary of the innumerable impeachable offenses and I believe that we will witness many more during Obama’s two remaining years in office. Maybe Boehner should read this post and remember what his job is and get busy doing it. I don’t believe any of these guys know what it is to keep a promise. Like the one they made to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States when they were sworn in. When are we going to get rid of this guy, Boehner, and replace him with someone who has a clue and who is willing to take the necessary steps to stop this America-hating usurper in the White House?

Jul 282014
Obama demands that Israel accept “immediate, unconditional” ceasefire,....

As I wrote on July 18th Obama does not want Israel to succeed in its destruction of Hamas and the terror organizations that exist in Gaza and the Palestinian territories.  This would be a blow to the Jihadist movement that Obama has supported with weapons and aid in Syria, Libya and Egypt.  This would go against Obama’s desire to make room for an Islamic Caliphate in the Middle East, which can only be complete if Israel is destroyed.  After all Israel is the only democracy in the region and the only power for good that exists anywhere in that part of the world.  No this would not suit Obama at all which is why he will be an agent for Hamas and play the little game of calling for ceasefires whenever they need to regroup, get supplies or rest from the massive beating they are currently receiving at the hands of the IDF.  This is an old trick, this ceasefire thing,…. and I can assure you that nothing good ever happens in ceasefires with Muslims.  They always use the time to prepare and regroup because they only care about destruction.  I for one will pray that Netanyahu tells Obama to go fly a kite.  If I were Israel I would keep the pressure up in an unrelenting fashion until everyone of the Jihadist rats that infest the region are dead and rotting in the Middle-Eastern sun!

Jul 272014
Our Response to Blacklisting at the NAACP Conference

The leadership of the NAACP, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, are the upper-crust of black America.  They have made it up the ladder of success and have been beneficiaries of the “American dream”.  A dream that is made possible by the Judeo-Christian ethic that has undergirded this country from its founding and has made it the “Shining City on the Hill” where freedom and opportunity are available to all.  But now that they have been partakers and have gotten their share they realize that they can have even more if they keep others from what they themselves have achieved.  They have realized that the race-baiting business is a lucrative one.  Just look at the shining examples of this shameful occupation epitomized by Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Louis Farrakhan…. Yes there is more money, prestige and power available for those who keep blacks on the “government plantation” than for those who show them how to prosper through honest work and education.  They have sold their souls to the liberals and democrats who despise them and are willing tools of a system that continues to divide our country making the rich, richer and the poor, poorer.  They have long since stopped thinking about the very people they were formed to protect and are currently just another perverted, hateful and destructive arm of the Obama administration and the black liberal establishment.  Shame on you NAACP!! The very equality that you were formed to protect has been thrown out and trampled and in its place exists a hateful, anti-American, self-serving organization eager to serve its political masters without regard for the people that, their very name says, they want to advance!

Jul 222014
IRS Scandal: Lies, Damned Lies, and Missing Hard Drives

One of the things that I find most amazing about the entire IRS Scandal situation is how few there are out there in the media and blogosphere who are not afraid to connect Barack Obama to this blatant abuse of power by a government agency.  Almost across the board I see him given a pass and by that I mean that by and large Lois Lerner is the only one mentioned when responsibility is discussed.  She has, as a faithful soldier in the Obama regime, born the blame almost entirely and unflinchingly like a good and well trained operative. The fact of the matter is that Lois Lerner had nothing to gain by denying conservative organizations the tax exempt status they were seeking.  She wasn’t running for office…. but her boss was.  The man who pays her salary and who no doubt some time before gave her the task amid promises of great prosperity and support.  Those promises whisper in her ear still and she knows that if she were to fold her very life might be in danger.  And so she will not sing like a canary because she knows who her boss is and what he is capable of.  As long as we have her on the stage Obama will be free to continue to destroy.  So, as in this article, media writers and bloggers will continue to talk about incompetence on the part of the IRS but there was no incompetence at all except possibly in some aspects of the cover-up.  It was part of a well planned effort which yielded great results for the usurper in the White House and contributed heavily to his reelection.  And just like Fast and Furious, or the Bergdahl trade or Obamacare or any one of a thousand other scandals they will all result in nothing because the balance of power in our government has been destroyed and there is no one with the balls to restore it.

Jul 222014
U.S. mosque leaders try to chop off man’s hand

So this is what passes for spiritual leadership in the “Religion of Peace”; some thug with a record as long as my arm hiding in plain sight in the “City of Brotherly Love”.  What a disgrace!  An Imam is supposed to be a preacher or pastor who leads people in his mosque (church) in the correct interpretation of Islam.  He is a leader and guides those in his charge on the proper conduct for Muslims according to the Qu’ran, their holy book…  Wait a minute… That’s exactly what he was doing…. This is what their book and their god require of them. He was just following the teachings of Muhammad. RIGHT?? RIGHT!!

Jul 192014
Evangelical Christians Love Jews, But the Feeling Is Not Mutual

This is actually quite sad that the American liberal media and the anti-Christian educational system that we have in this country have been so effective in polluting the hearts and minds of American Jews to cause them to rate Christians on a par with Muslims in this poll. I am sure that this study is polling American Jews and as such the results are not very surprising. First of all Jews and Christians in this country have been set against each other by the liberal establishment and cultural elites because separation is central to their entire philosophy. They divide so they can exploit our differences, black-white, male-female, etc, rather than our similarities. As such the political divide has played a major role in this animus. Jews are typically liberals (Democrats) in their political affiliation while Christians, especially evangelical or Bible-believing Christians, are conservatives. This is something that Satan, “the father of lies”, will use to his advantage and working through the media and liberal organizations in America he has divided, and will continue to divide, those who, most of all, should be united. After all we have so much in common!!

But you may ask, if this is true then why don’t Christians hate Jews? Well this is simple. If you are a true Bible-believing Christian then you know about our common roots. Remember that Jesus, our Savior, was “King of the Jews”…. and you also know what God said in the book of Genesis And I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed” (Genesis 12:3)So we believers must obey, as a matter of faith, and honor our Lord and Savior the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Jul 182014
US: Restrict Gaza operation to precise action against tunnels

I guess Kerry is there to “help” Israel and to represent his Muslim boss, Barack Hussein Obama. While his stated objective is one of support his real objective is to insure that Israel is not completely successful. Eliminating Hamas would be a blow to the growing Jihadist movement that Obama supports with weapons and financial aid. Obama has demonstrated staunch support for a Palestinian State as well as the unity government made up of Hamas and Fatah. Full success by Israel in this Gaza Operation would allow them to control their western border.  Why fight on both east and west when, by eliminating Hamas and Fatah in Gaza, Israel would be able to concentrate on its eastern border with Jordan rather than have to worry about an enemy at the rear.  Once ISIS turns its eyes to Jordan, and topples that government, they will be at Israel’s doorstep.  Israel needs to prepare for what is clearly coming their way. So Kerry is there to do everything that he can, in the most diplomatic way, to hamper Israel’s success.  As it is Israel has a tough road ahead.  How can you fight against an enemy that does not care, at all, about its people or its children but who will use them as cannon fodder and for political gain.  The US will use the humanitarian angle and the civilian casualty excuse to hobble the Israeli effort and to try to prevent them from succeeding.  I pray that the Israeli people, and specifically their leadership, will have the wisdom to see this and to maintain their resolve at all cost.  They should realize that the United States, under Barack Hussein Obama, is not on their side!!

Jul 152014
Are Terrorist Cells Invading Our Southern Border?

Yes folks this is a well orchestrated plan. A web of evil that we have been caught in brought about by haters of all that is good and decent and facilitated by a culture of political correctness that has weakened our will to speak out and right wrongs. Without political correctness we would have been able to speak up clearly against this Muslim in the White House and maybe we could have prevented his election and the calamity that it has wrought on our “land of the free and home of the brave”. Fear of the stigma of “racism”, brought to new oppressive levels by political correctness, kept many, who should have spoken up, silent and allowed this radical to attain the highest office in the land and the most powerful position in the world. With it and his chorus of conspirators in the media, black supremacists and the Democrat party he has been able to transform America into something which is already unrecognizable and, as the article says, has taken America to a place where no one believed it could ever go….  What is coming next is nothing short of terrifying because Obama has certainly upped the ante by a substantial amount.  With even more emboldened terrorist groups within our borders potentially terrifying acts of violence could begin soon and, judging from the impact 9/11 had on our nation’s economy, these could bring our already strained resources to the breaking point and our nation to its knees.  Yes this and the Cloward-Piven strategy that is already in motion could be the end-game of Obama and his handlers. STAY STRONG AMERICA…. AND VIGILANT!!

Jul 122014
Keep the EPA's Hands off Your Wages

More abuse of power by this government organization, the EPA, with a long history of pushing people around.  But of course now under Obama they must be in heaven because their power has been increased one-hundred fold by this tyrannical administration.  This is another one of the tools used so effectively by Obama’s regulatory czar, Cass Sunstein, while he was working for Obama.  His legacy continues to rear up its ugly head as numerous regulatory agencies continue to use their new-found power to create toxic business environments designed to destroy the engines of productivity in America.  As I have shown many times before in previous posts this is just one of the many ways that Obama is using to transform America from a world power to a banana republic.  This is the reason he was put in office by his handlers and it is his ultimate objective.  Those who claim that Obama has failed in his agenda do not know the man.  I believe that he has been wildly effective once one recognizes what his objective really is.  The destruction that he has wrought and continues to unleash on every facet of our country is unmistakeable and only those who are blind, dumb and continue to drink the Kool-Aid fail to see this obvious truth.

Jul 102014
Congress to Offer $5 Million for Info on Hamas Kidnappers

Keep up the good work Ted Cruz and kudos to you as well Doug Lamborn, House Republican from Colorado.  This is a piece of legislation that must really be sticking in our first Muslim president’s craw but I doubt very much whether Obama would dare to veto it.  Right now he can’t afford to draw any more attention to himself than he is already getting with the border scandal.   Obama has made it very clear that his administration will continue to support and fund the Palestinian government in its newly incarnated form as the “unity government” which is composed of Hamas and Fatah, two organizations that are clearly terrorist organizations.  Even though U.S. law is clear with regard to the ban on funding terrorist organization our lawless imperial president has brazenly ignored our laws and continues to disburse U.S. aid to this terrorist government that has as one of its central tenets the eradication of the nation of Israel.  What more do we need to know about this Muslim in the White House.  LET’S IMPEACH HIM NOW AND TAKE OUR GOVERNMENT BACK!!

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