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Apr 282015
Baltimore Burns While Obama Plots

Two comments regarding the goings on in Baltimore. First the Baltimore police need to provide some answers regarding what happened to Freddy Gray. I am of the opinion that cops need to be held to a higher standard of competency and self-control than the rest of us because of the nature of those that they signed up to protect and serve — namely us. There should be zero tolerance for bad cops and they should be dealt with swiftly and decisively. I am tired of police commissioners and other city officials protecting cops who clearly are no good. This whole cop brotherhood thing has to go. One bad apple can spoil the whole cart, as the saying goes, so any police thugs should be rooted out and swiftly charged and, if necessary, removed from service permanently. If cops are to blame for Freddy Gray’s death they should be made to pay.

Second, regarding the rioters and looters in Baltimore. They should not be given any consideration. We are a country of laws and we all, black and white must follow them. The job of the police is to protect and serve their community so they should use any level of reasonable force to prevent the destruction of businesses, property and homes of the citizens of the community. Besides, the truth of the matter is that these people will never be happy. They burn and they loot and they destroy because they hate and their hate cannot be dissipated with any reasonable actions or concessions. They are not out there doing what they are doing because of Freddy Gray or any such thing. That is just an excuse to vent their anger — which they do with great gusto. No quarter should be given to these people. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. After all they have created their own hell in Baltimore by continuing to elect liberal Democrat politicians like Martin O’Malley, the previous Governor, and this black Mayor who, apparently, does not have a brain in her head. Those who cast the votes and those they elected are to blame.

Apr 262015
Obama Breaks Promise on 100th Anniversary of Armenian Genocide

Should we be surprised at the dishonesty of Obama? Of course not! He has established a pattern during his presidency comprised primarily of lying and cheating in all his dealings, creating racial division whenever possible and back-stabbing the American people and our national interests at every opportunity. So I am not surprised that he has broken another one of his many promises. What I am shocked about, and what we all should be ashamed of, is that the United States has never, in any official way, recognized the Armenian Genocide for what it was. We have chosen this path of denial, that demeans Armenian Christians throughout the world, for the sake of our relationship with Turkey. A country where we have critical bases and one of our major allies in the Middle-East. A country that has left its secular ways and is now in the grip of a tide of Islamic fervor that allies it with ISIS and other sworn enemies of the United States. Turkeys’ President Erdogan is an Islamist as dangerous as Osama Bin Laden and should not be underestimated. But then again let’s take a look at our very own “president”….

Apr 192015
An Invasion of Refugees

When it is convenient for them Obama, and others of his ilk, will use the human failings of religious organizations to accomplish their nefarious objectives. Obama wants to flood this country with undocumented foreigners and illegal immigrants. He knows that bringing them in large numbers will over-burden and ultimately destroy our economic system. He also knows that large numbers of south Americans, like those he has legalized through his illegal executive action, will dilute our culture and ultimately destroy America and our way of life. In that last regard he has, since his inauguration in 2009, begun the process of bringing in another type of immigrant into this country with a somewhat different objective. These are Muslim refugees that he has been steadily importing and placing in strategic positions in key towns and cities throughout America using various religious organizations to justify them on pious grounds. These he will nurture and support in a way that is unique to this population. His objective here is of a different nature and he hopes to use them to promote sharia and change the nature of the geographical areas that he selects effectively invading them and ultimately colonizing them with his preferred socio-political system. One based on the Islamic ideals that he embraces.

Apr 192015
Obama’s ‘Christianity’: A Political Tool to Silence Christians

Yes, Obama has used the bully pulpit often against much of his opposition but he has been particularly vitriolic against Christians, in spite of the fact that many of them were stupid enough to vote for him. Obama’s hatred of Christians has been evident from the first days of his political career and were brought to light by many conservative pundits. His 20 years at the so-called “church” of, again so-called, “Reverend” Jeremiah Wright gave not only a glimpse but a clear picture of who Obama really is. His Christianity is but a cover story that along with the rest of his manufactured past were produced to put a familiar and non-threatening facade on an evil man with evil intentions toward America. He believes, like Muslims do, that we are the Great Satan and Israel the Little Satan. His actions are a clear revelation to any who want to see the truth. He works hard to silence Christians and just as hard to justify egregious Muslim behavior because the two must go hand in hand if he is to bring about his Islamic agenda.

Apr 132015
Tea Partiers Rage Against Rubio 2016

Marco Rubio has always been a traitor to the Conservative cause and I was frankly surprised when the Tea Party got behind him and helped him get into office. I have always seen him as an opportunist. He lied about his family‘s “escape from Cuba” and spun a tale of intrigue for the purposes of endearing himself to the Cubans in Florida and, unfortunately for him, was caught in the midst of his lies. He also was caught with his “hand in the cookie jar” when he was misspending GOP campaign money. Even though I understand that he paid it back it said something about his values and moral fiber. So I always saw him as a typical Latin America despot type that will push the envelope as required for his own benefit. He will say whatever you want to hear and, for a while, had numerous conservative pundits fooled. But the total sellout of the Tea Party, and a large percentage of his constituents, when he joined up with the likes of Schumer, Menendez and Durbin to pass amnesty legislation for millions of illegals, was the final straw. At that point he became one of the most infamous RINO’s joining traitorous ranks with co-conspirators McCaine and Graham. Not many in the Tea Party will vote for him and, frankly, I think that his presidential bid for 2016 will fall way short. I am, however, concerned that he may do well in a ticket with that fellow RINO, Jeb Bush, and that the GOP establishment may push for just such a ticket. Win or lose such a GOP bid for 2016 will ensure a perpetuation of many of Obama’s most egregious reforms and will continue to result in the destruction of America as we know and love her.

Apr 132015
Articles: Black Judge heaps Scorn on Three-year old Racist

What amazes me about these stories, and the frequency with which they seem to be appearing, is that people like this so-called “judge” can be so bold about flaunting their new-found power. Liberals, progressives and, most prominently, Barack Obama, have handed incredible power to people like this that allow them to pervert everything that is good, decent and reasonable for the sake of their racist hatred. They know that in the current America they are untouchable and to them I say; “enjoy your power while it lasts but remember that a root of bitterness will be your undoing”. The day will come again when such acts of blatant disregard for the law, by anyone, be they black or white, will be judged rightly and actions will be taken that set such wrongs right again. How can a man have any credibility as a judge when he can’t leave his personal biases, racial hangups and hatred at the door of his chamber while he conducts the business of administering the law in a fair and impartial way, as is his calling. All I can say to Judge Stevens is shame on you, you little man!! You will regret your actions when you have your day in court.

Apr 082015
Articles: An Army of Weaklings, Cowards, and Traitors

I certainly agree with the author’s premise and the last several years of this political cycle have certainly demonstrated how low weak-willed, corrupt men, who claim to be on our side, can stoop. Linguini spines and brown lipstick have been very much in vogue among Republicans these last few years and there have never been better poster boys for “term limits” than those two scoundrels Boehner and McConnell. At every step these two traitors (I have trouble referring to them as “men”) have mislead the American public with popular rhetoric and false bravado only to stab us, ultimately, in the back. And it has become all too clear that these men are in Obama’s pocket having sold out their souls for God knows what (because we never will know). They are traitors in every sense of the word!

Nevertheless I do have a problem with the author’s analysis when it comes to his belief that these RINOs are so naive that they don’t know that their enemies are the Democrats. That they are somehow being duped by the DC culture into believing that they are their “friends”. If that were true then it would be the newcomers to Washington that would be the most easily duped — but that is certainly not the case. No the issue is one of moral failing and of weakness and corruption because far too many of these men went to Washington to get rich. Being a member of the Senate or House of Representatives should be only for those who want to make a difference and who genuinely want to serve their constituents for a season. I believe that term limits (2 terms) and more modest salaries and perks would go a long way towards weeding out the opportunists who are likely to sell their ethics, values and constituents in exchange for power and wealth.

Apr 042015
What Would the Founders Think About Religious Liberty and Indiana?

I hope Governor Pence and his family are enjoying their European vacation because I guarantee you that any right-thinking, religious liberty-believing Indiana citizen will be regretting the day they elected him as Governor as he buckles under pressure from the Gay Mafia and strips away the protections that the Religious Freedom Restoration Act was designed to enact. He has single-handedly opened the door for further governmental abuses of honest, law-abiding American citizens based on gender and sexual preference issues. Shameful!

Apr 012015
Pence Buckles Under Powerful Gay/Media Blitzkrieg

What a disappointment to see a man, Mike Pence, that many believed to be a solid conservative and a possible presidential hopeful for 2016 fold like a cheap suit under pressure from the Nazis in the Gay Mafia. The Gay Mafia has been chompin’ at the bit since the Supreme Court ruled on the Hobby Lobby case and upheld, albeit in a modest way, the basic freedom of a businesses with deeply held religious beliefs from having to comply with government regulations that went against those beliefs. It is as basic as the Bill of Rights that we, as Americans, have a right to not do things that go contrary to our religious beliefs even if it is the government telling us to do them. This is what America is founded upon and now we have the Gay Mafia telling us that we must forget about all that and do whatever they say. What’s more we have a governor cowering to the pressure and handing these Nazis a victory that will resonate throughout their movement and strengthen it much like our inaction in the Middle-East has emboldened fascist Muslims leading to the creation of ISIS and other such groups. Does this man (Pence) know what he has done? The fact of the matter is that religious freedom trumps gay rights and it is about time that someone told it like it is!

Mar 302015
Managing Obama’s War Against Israel

Obama’s clear plans to strengthen the Muslim position in the world at the expense of, and ultimate destruction of, America, and the West, has been fully revealed to anyone with half a brain. This strategy goes hand in hand with the destruction of Israel, our greatest ally and the only true democracy in the Middle-East. Only those who refuse to open their eyes are blind to it. Although it doesn’t change the seriousness of the issue at least it is out in the open for everyone to see. Israel will take appropriate steps to protect itself from Obama’s actions and I hope the American people see this for what it really is and begin to take actions as well.

Mar 302015
Articles: Let's Get Real: Re-evaluating the Two-State Approach

The two-state solution. What a joke! How can any sane person believe that two governments, two peoples, can reach an agreement to live as states across a common border when one of the states refuses to recognize the other and in fact has written into their very charter, as their reason for existing, that they must destroy their neighbor. Only “STUPID LIBERALS” can believe that this can ever work and until the Palestinian people and their terrorist government agree to recognize the state of Israel, as the only true legitimate owners of that land, can any peace be reached. Now Obama knows this which is the reason that he is pushing hard for the two-state solution and is ready to support it at the UN against the wishes of our sworn ally Israel, the only true democracy in the Middle East. He has worked hard to sour our relationship with Israel and, like the Muslim that he is, must secretly hate them with every fiber of his being. He has failed at every turn, including meddling in the Israeli elections to try to knock out Netanyahu, so now he must take more direct action. And in addition to everything that he is involved in in the Middle-East to strengthen Muslims and promote the Islamic cause, he will turn on Israel at the UN.

Mar 262015
State Dept’s Psaki: Trading 5 Taliban for deserter Bergdahl “absolutely” worth it

How can we continue to tip-toe around such obvious actions. There is not one media pundit, of any stripe, who will tell it like it is regarding the infamous Bergdahl prisoner swap. So here it is!! Obama needed an excuse to release some of the most violent and dangerous anti-American Islamists that we had at Gitmo. So he used that deserter Bergdahl and his whole family as props in a scheme to legitimize their release on the basis of “never leave anyone behind”. While I subscribe to that sentiment I can show you mountains of data that demonstrate that Obama could not care less for any American serviceman or woman. He has demonstrated nothing but contempt for our men and women in uniform throughout the course of his regime. So Bergdahl, whom we all knew to be a deserter, was used by Obama to effect the release and give back to his Islamist buddies some of their more valuable assets. I wonder how the rest of the Bergdahl family feels right now? I know that Bergdahl senior is a Muslim sympathizer but I bet even he expected more from Obama. I also know that the potential sentence for Bergdahl could be minimal, he may not get more than a slap on the wrist, but at least the rest of his unit won’t have to be watching their back when he is gone.

Mar 242015
Articles: Starbucks -- Practice What You Preach

Great job at highlighting the world renown hypocrisy of the elite. The rules never apply to them but they are always quick to point to others who aren’t living up to their expectations instead at looking “in the mirror” and asking themselves; How are we doing? I believe it doesn’t even occur to them because they have their heads so far up their elitist cloacas that they would never think about using basic introspection. Starbucks is a perfect example of this kind of attitude and behavior and I can’t believe that people still buy their coffee. I, for one, long ago proudly transitioned to Dunkin’ Donuts for my morning java fix and the day that they begin to exhibit the same hypocrisy I will stop buying their products as well. We conservatives, and other people of values, should consider the power that we have to impact these elitist corporations. We should be hitting them in the pocket, where it hurts them the most, whenever their hypocritical actions reveal who they really are. Maybe them we can cut them down to their appropriate size and stuff their “better than thou” attitudes down their throat. Until then just give me my coffee and shut the heck up!

Mar 202015
Articles: The Mind of Muhammad

So to understand the carnage and evil behind Islamist groups like ISIS all you have to do is read their “Holy” book, the Qu’ran, and in it see the reflection of the megalomaniac who spoke those words and whose actions they choose to emulate, their “Prophet, Muhammad. He was clearly a narcissistic, petulant sociopath drunk with his own power and reminds me very much of another such creature the Roman emperor Caligula. His claims of divinity and of receiving the word of Allah are further indications that this man was a maniac. What god with any goodness or justice in him would confer with such an evil hedonist. People like Muhammad see themselves as above the law and in his case see themselves as the law so that the law becomes a hollow concept at the whim and mood of an unbalanced tyrant.

Mar 182015
Why Democrats Hate the Internet

The internet is a huge problem for the control freaks on the Left. They hate its openness and the freedom that it represents. It has been a financial boon to many and an unparalleled place of instruction. The internet has also been great at giving voices to rallying cries for causes of every type and description and it has been a way to continue to voice the truth about what is wrong with the powers that be. After all they have managed to control all other media outlets, as well as the Hollywood misinformation machine, and so it is reasonable that freedom-minded people would turn to the internet to voice their opinions. It is that aspect of the internet that spawned this website and many others that expose the lies of the Left every day. Without a free internet we would have no way to speak out with such far reaching consequences. That is why Obama must control the internet. It’s control will be the final nail in the coffin of freedom of speech and expression.

Mar 162015
Articles: Buy American Oil: How to Starve the Jihad War of Money

I love the idea of starving the Middle-East power brokers of their life’s blood and I believe that the plan proposed here would definitely lead to that end. It’s time that their contributions to the world were put back on an even keel and they begin to produce something of value to more than a privileged few. They have had it far too good, for far too long, with the oil dollars that flow into places like Saudi Arabia and Qatar every year and what do they have to show for it? Religious monarchies who live in unthinkable opulence while the rest of their population lives in squalor and poverty. So yes I love the idea of taking away their oil dollars and, along with that, their toys. They love to hate the West even though they live off the revenues that it provides. They hate us and foment hate throughout the Middle-East and Africa against us in the form of violent Jihad. They have the money to buy hatred and Jihad and they should be stopped. Now we have the chance to stop them and if I knew where American gas and oil products were being sold exclusively I would not longer buy another drop of Middle-East Jihadi oil. I believe that millions of Americans feel the same way.

The only problem with the plan is that it depends on our linguini-spined, Republican-controlled (now that is an oxymoron), Congress and they have demonstrated that they have neither the will nor the backbone to fight Obama on anything. In fact they have sold out and so the prospects for this plan to succeed are slim to none.

Mar 132015
Articles: An Ode to Hillie Joe

First, Americans elected Obama because he is black. And, while I am sure that every dirty trick in the Democrat playbook was used to achieve that outcome, there is no doubt that a huge number of people, that should have known better, were caught up in the, so-called, historical moment and forgot to vet this guy. In his own words he told us what he was going to do and yet many, who regret it today, did not listen. His checkered and clearly radical past and his anti-American mentors were ignored as portents of the future Obama presidency. His voting record as a senator, although carefully managed by his handlers to hide some of his true intentions, was neglected. Yes he was elected because he was black and the country at large, including many who voted for him, are paying the price everyday.

Now, some Americans are considering voting for Hillary Clinton because she is a woman. I can assure you that many will again be caught up in another “historical moment” and cast their votes on that shallow basis. This article summarizes the reasons that we should not compound our mistakes with more mistakes. Two wrongs, in this case, not only do not make a right, but can finish the destruction (if there is anything left when Obama is done with it) of this country that we love so dearly.

I don’t care whether the president is green, or black ,or male, or female as long as he, or she, loves this country and is qualified and capable of moving the country to a better place. If they can solve the problems created by the current president and can bring prosperity back to America, return her to the “land of opportunity” and rekindle the”American dream” then that is the president that I will vote for. Obama and Clinton, though they hate each other, are very much birds of a feather. Nothing but evil can come from either one of them because they are corrupt to the very core of their being.

Mar 112015
Articles: Birds of a Feather: Obama, the Left, and Islam

Great summary article that clearly outlines the indisputable facts that make the case that Obama is a Muslim placed in his present position to bring down the country while simultaneously advancing the Islamic agenda. And, although the author states that whether Obama is a Muslim working to advance Islam or whether he is a far-left, America-hating radical the result is the same, a statement that is indisputable as reflected in the actions of so many liberals today, I firmly believe that one of Obama’s major missions is to advance the Islamic agenda and bring about the worldwide Caliphate.  I have brought evidence of this to you in numerous previous posts but here you have it all in one place. Enjoy and don’t forget to watch the video which corroborates much of this in Obama’s own words.

Mar 072015
Facing an Existential Threat: Christians Living in Islamic Lands

The most prominent denier of the existential threat that Muslims pose to Christians and Jews is our very own first Muslim president, Barack Hussein Obama. His motives are clear, his agenda obvious and his methods, well, they have been on display from before he took possession of the highest office in the land. Obama told us what he planned to do from day one. He was going to spread the wealth, radically transform America, change America’s influence in the world, destroy our energy industry, among other things. Well I think he is right on track and has been incredibly successful in realizing most of his agenda. The only thing we were not too clear on were all of his motivations. Sure we knew he was a leftist radical whose friends and mentors were anti-American communists and anarchists. We even knew he wasn’t really an American, although his enablers went all-out to hide his true past by falsifying some records and locking up the rest including his medical records, civil records, school records and others. The missing piece of the puzzle, his most powerful motivation, the one that today any honest person with half a brain can point to is his religious motivation. Obama is a Muslim and his actions could not be clearer. Every step he has taken has been to aid and promote the Muslim cause. He is working to enable their quest for a Caliphate and world domination. This is what we know today. The question is what are we going to do about it?